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About Us

The My Super Powers Foundation is a nonprofit organization with a mission to empower youth, celebrate their creativity, and cultivate leadership to have a positive impact in the community.  

Board of Directors

Board member EllenC Cleary


I built my family through adoption and my kids are awesome!. But they will face challenges, no doubt. My daughter is African-American and my son has special needs. I’m a single mom who is doing her best every day, but I need help from my community to get it right.

I bleed purple – Go ‘Cats! And I’ve spent most of my career in public service and education. I’ve led multiple volunteer projects, including a 9-month volunteer project for an agency that specializes in helping children and adults with developmental disabilities. I was drawn to My Super Powers Foundation because the one thing I am sure I need to do as a parent is to teach them to embrace their own uniqueness in this world. Owning the wonder of their individuality. That’s where my kids’ superpowers will come from. I want all kids to live, breathe, and feel their own superpowers every day of their lives. We are better as individuals and as a society when we can see the superpowers in all of us.

Board member Jen Hall.


Jen Hall is a Veteran of the United States Air Force where she served her country as an Air Traffic Controller. She is a Certified Aromatherapist who built a successful business and online community following the diagnosis of a degenerative spinal disease. In 2015, Jen used her experience to become a Social Media Manager and Social Media Marketing Strategist. She has helped small business owners and large organizations turn six-figure profits, expand their marketing reach, meet sales goals, acquire new leads, and retain long term customers and clients. Jen is the co-founder of Ambition to Success. Her focus is on building a community so that women entrepreneurs feel empowered and supported on their journey to achieving success.

Jen is a mom of a special needs child who was bullied in school for being different than the other kids. She knew immediately that the My Super Powers Foundation was a mission she wanted to support!

Board member Barb Hollock


Currently Barb is the VP of Operations and Corporate Secretary of LifiBifi Inc, a start up company created to help small businesses grow. Barb has many years behind her with various jobs in telecommunications working with internal and external customer teams. Volunteering is in Barb’s nature from early childhood up through her time riding a Harley motorcycle while still giving back to many charities.
The children are the future of this world. We need to value and nurture them to take over.

Board member and founder, Stacey Montgomery


From a young age my parents told me that I could do anything I want to do and be anything that I wanted to be. They encouraged me. In fact, they insisted that I pursue my dreams. I never had a doubt that I could achieve what I wanted to achieve, as long as I worked hard. Now, as a mom to an amazing son, my goal is to empower him in the same way.
Through my company, Stacey M Design, for years it has been my mission to put smiles on the faces of kids by helping them understand that they are amazing just as they are. When I came up with the idea of the My Super Powers! Foundation, my goal was to help even more kids by giving them opportunities to contribute to the community and helping them own their power. I am thrilled about this journey.

Board member Pillara Smith


I am an attorney with a focus on estate planning. My goal is to build relationships and support families through the creation of unique plans for life transitions of mental or physical incapacity and death. I am a graduate of Winthrop University and the John Marshall Law School, a contributing writer for Sistah’s Place magazine, and a co-host of the Estate and Wealth segment of the Sistah’s Conversations podcast. I am also a wife and mother of three wonderful children.

As someone who is often overlooked by society’s lack of diversity and inclusion, I am excited to help the My Super Powers! Foundation provide opportunities for the community to come together through social and emotional learning activities and events that encourage diversity, inclusivity, togetherness, and support, while promoting the value of serving others.

What people are saying…


“I have volunteered to help with many community events The My Super Powers foundation has done. It has always been a good experience, I recommend them if you want to get more involved in helping the community.”

Bex Rizo, Youth Volunteer

“My experience with My Super Powers Foundation has been a very special one. My daughter struggled with confidence and the journal really helped her find her inner light and it makes me so happy to see! The projects they do to support Veterans are amazing and I highly encourage you to get involved with them!”

Rebecca Willey, Parent