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Youth Guest Blog: Volunteering to Support Veterans

I attended the My Super Powers Foundation service project with my mom, brother and sister on Martin
Luther King Jr. Day. That day is also known as a day of service and the project was for volunteers to
come and help make crafts for Veterans so they can feel appreciated and happy on Valentine’s Day.
When we showed up, there were a lot of kids and their parents and a bunch of tables and chairs for the
volunteers, including some markers, crayons, and stickers. We got to hear from a Veteran who served in
the Vietnam War. His talk to us was very inspiring and made me feel a lot of appreciation for everything
he did, and other people just like him. When he was done, Stacey asked the room if there were any
other Veterans, and two ladies were introduced by their kids. It was great to see everyone clap for the
Veterans in the room.

I did some awesome crafts while I was there. We decorated Valentine cards and envelopes for the
Veterans. We also made gem art pictures so the Veterans can hang them up in their windows and make
them happy. Then we decorated gift bags that the cards, gem art, and other gifts would go in. While I
was making crafts, it made me feel good about myself to help make these nice things for the Veterans.
When we were finishing up the cards, Jen Hall asked my siblings and I, and other kids, if we could go in
the hallway to be interviewed to share what we were doing. I was excited to be interviewed and was
only a little nervous, but it wasn’t so bad after all.

My time at this event was fun. We did many things and heard a story of a Veteran that was interesting. I
think that we should all spread kindness, and not just to the Veterans, but to anyone anywhere. At the
beginning of the event, I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I knew I would have fun with my family
helping make others happy. Once the event was over, I was very proud of what I did and felt like I
accomplished something good. My family and I helped collect the garbage and craft supplies off the
tables and helped put the chairs back. Next year, I hope more people can come help us volunteer and so
we can make even more gifts for the Veterans.

By: Benjamin Mendoza, 10

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